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With Excell’s wide range of capability, many customers chose to order many diverse parts together. This often makes procurement easier and projects easier to track. When mating parts, or an area of a project, are made together, having them assembled before delivery can be an effective way to troubleshoot, speed up production at your facility, and sometimes reduce overall project cost.

Depending on what is needed for each assembly, our floor has a number of ways to supply what is needed, including our full welding department and an adjustable floor area that we can adapt for different types, sizes or quantities of assemblies. We help with assemblies and sub-assemblies in quantities ranging from one single assembly, to thousands.

By having Excell put your parts together, it is a great way to better ensure part compatibility and quality while reducing the risk of tolerance buildup, errors, and the additional time and costs to fix them. We know having parts arrive assembled can better streamline production at customer’s facilities when there are less individual parts to keep track of, several steps have already been completed and there is less worry about the mating of parts. At Excell solutions we strive to make your projects easier, more efficient, and higher quality.